How to Help Your Wife with Breast-Pumping (Guest Blogger)

How to Help Your Wife with Breast-Pumping (Guest Blogger)

Jun 29 2016 0 Comments George's Musings

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This is a letter from a dad to other dads, who have wives that are breast-pumping. 

Our readers have been hearing from Carey on this blog exclusively so far. But I am Carey’s other half at Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw, George. I am also her husband and dad to our daughter. By now you are probably familiar with Carey’s story and how it led to creating the best damn hands-free pumping bra…Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw.

I want to take a quick sec to talk about my breast pumping experience. Before anyone asks… No, I did not have sympathy lactation, as I am not an Indonesian Fruit Bat. Exclusive pumping is a job of drudgery. I watched Carey pump around the clock – 6 hours a day total for months on end. Her double electric, daily-use breast pump looked like a dairy cattle milking machine. She pumped in the car. She pumped in the living room. She pumped in the bathroom. She pumped while on conference calls with clients. It felt like she was ALWAYS pumping. She was a trooper though and I like to think I played a small part in feeding our child. Make no mistake, this is no Hollywood ending. This is real life. If you are looking for a glossy interpretation of pregnancy, go look at (insert random pregnant celebrity name/link here)'s blog. But she got the job done. So, guys, here is the skinny on how you can help your partner be the best pumper she can be:

  • Create a comfortable place where she can pump. We had a space set aside and I made sure it was stocked with:
    • A bottle of water
    • A soft blanket
    • Her Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw (…obviously)
    • The TV remote
    • A book or magazine
    • Some healthy snacks
    • The Boppy Newborn Lounger (so the kid can hang out)
  • I didn’t realize she needed to pump ‘round the clock to keep up her milk supply. Hey, lazy! Get up with her at 2am and feed the baby with a bottle while she pumps. This makes the process go faster. Plus, you get some extra bonding time with the kid. Win-win.
  • Encourage her to sleep when she can and give her the peace and quiet so she can truly rest. As we all know, a well-rested wife makes for a happy life.
  • If she doesn’t already have one, give her a Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw hands-free pumping bra. She will thank you for all of the reasons listed in our reviews. We didn't have this luxury – so we had to create the doohickey – but you can get one with the click of a button. Lucky.

Any moms or dads out there have other suggestions for how to support the pumper in your life? Please comment below. And if you enjoyed this blog post, please subscribe to our email list in the footer. It really helps us to grow our Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw community.

We welcome your feedback and would love to know how we can continue to improve our hands-free pumping bra designs and make your "mom life" easier.

Carey Bradshaw, Author (& Nursing Aficionado)

Carey Bradshaw is a working mom just trying to balance it all. She runs Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw and Creative Butter. In her (scant) free time, besides perfecting her hands-free pumping bras, she loves yoga, reading, volunteering with All for Animals, and just being outside in the sunshine. Carey lives in Santa Barbara with her husband and business partner, George, their volunteer therapy dog, Buttercup, and their rambunctious and lovable toddler.

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