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Love this post but, personally, I found absolutely NOTHING about pregnancy or giving birth to be sexy (at least in my experience).

Yes, this supermodel looks stunning (obvi) and yes, Adam Levine is certainly one lucky dude (in sooo many ways). But honestly, does being a 26-year-old gorgeous supermodel mean that she is immune to all of the super fun pregnancy side effects such as bladder leaks when she laughs too hard…or constipation…or uncontrollable stinky gas…or, a fave from my pregnancy, acid reflux? If she is indeed immune, kudos and please share your secrets!

Now let’s discuss the post-pregnancy glamour. Remember those super sexy (but oh-so-comfy) mesh panties from the hospital? What, you didn’t model them with the extra large hospital pads on your Instagram feed? Why ever not? Oh, and the bloated hobbit-feet (seriously, why did NO ONE mention this side effect?)…also super sexy. My flip-flops left indentation marks as I left the hospital because my feet were so bloated! Oh, and let’s discuss the leakage…leakage from everywhere! I will just leave the rest of that comment to your imagination. Pretty gross, right?

If these side effects bypass you, kudos! If not, you are not alone. While I loved being pregnant, I certainly did not feel sexy as I waddled my way around. I’m 5’2” and felt every one of those 20+ pounds. Let’s all remember that the lives portrayed on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere on social media only tells the story we want to share. It’s not reality. It is airbrushed, filtered, and posed in good lighting…except, apparently, if you are a supermodel.

Now go have yourself a sexy pregnancy!


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Above: Instagram pic of Adam Levine's pregnant supermodel wife


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