The Beauty of Cousins

The Beauty of Cousins

Oct 04 2019 0 Comments

Big families with lots of siblings and cousins have always fascinated me. I have a very small immediate family and did not grow up with any cousins. I was always a bit envious of friends with big families and lots of cousins. It seemed like fun when looking in from the outside. It was a bit lonely in retrospect.

While my daughter is an only child, she is fortunate to have truly wonderful cousins. We live far away from our East Coast family but make it a point to spend significant time with them during the summer months. This summer has been particularly enjoyable. We have been able to spend quality time with cousins from all over. It has been such a treat to watch my daughter experience the special friendship that exists between cousins and she is having the absolute best time. From making sparkly tiaras and playing dress up with her Rhode Island cousin, to huge water balloon fights with her college aged Massachusetts cousins to pirate games with her Georgia cousins, my daughter is truly living her best life.

We are pretty social overall and host many play dates. My daughter has wonderful friends but there is something so special about the relationships that she has with her cousins. I’ve heard it said that cousins are the “sisters and brothers you never had” and it is very true. There are huge (16 years in some cases) age gaps with my daughter’s cousins and they often only see each other once a year but when they get together it is like no time has passed. They adore each other and have the best time playing and laughing together. I am so grateful to be able to give her these wonderful experiences.


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