The Best Clothes for Pumping at Work (Guest Blogger)

The Best Clothes for Pumping at Work (Guest Blogger)

Jan 21 2017 0 Comments Guest Blogger

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Get Your Nursing & Pumping Wardrobe Together Now

The days after giving birth are definitely hazy and seem to all roll into one. But one memory that is crystal clear is crying to my mother a day after coming home from the hospital about not having anything to wear. I know I am not alone so I have compiled a super-easy list of fashionable nursing and pumping clothes that will be appropriate for work, home or on-the-go.

I am an unapologetic fashionista. Rounding out my wardrobe and having the perfect outfit for every occasion has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Yes, I remember telling my mom when I was 4 that it was really embarrassing to wear my sister’s hand me downs, not because they were second hand, but because they were from the 70s! My sister was 7 years older than me and it was now 1984. I needed off-the-shoulder sweaters and jam shorts. My mother completely understood and hit up the Esprit store the next day.

Understand, days after giving birth, I was not whining about not looking cool. I literally had nothing to wear as I was completely unprepared for the realities of nursing and pumping. Of all the things I prepared for, I did not think of having nursing ready clothes on hand once my baby arrived. Perhaps I even thought I’d have the time to shop like I used to and could buy them once the baby arrived? I was clueless that all my free time in these early days would be spent surviving, not shopping.

It was December and I was walking around my house topless. I hastily cut up a camisole to use for pumping (I wish the Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw had been invented then!) and ordered a few tops to get me started. So when pregnant women ask me for advice, I fervently recommend: Get your nursing and pumping wardrobe together now!

While you may not want to make a big investment in clothes that you only need for a short lifespan, there are a few ways to get around it with pieces you already own, purchasing a few basics and investing in quality pieces you’ll wear long after nursing.

Shop Your Own Closet

You actually already own some great nursing pieces such as button down shirts, cardigans, wrap shirts, wide/ lightweight scarves and tops with long cowl necks. Worn with a nursing bra or tank, it’s now a nursing top. When you locate these pieces, put them all together in the same section of your closet so that when you have half a minute to get dressed, you can find exactly what you need.

Nursing & Pumping Basics to Wear Again & Again

1. A Good Nursing Bra
A good nursing bra (and tank) are the base layer of all nursing outfits.

Storq Nursing Bra $42

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2. A Nursing Tank
My preference are tanks (and bras) with no snaps or hardware for quicker access and no hard parts touching baby.

Boob Classic Tank Top $49

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3. Wraps & Drapey Cardigans
Wraps and Drapey Cardigans look like you actually accessorized an outfit when in fact they are great cover ups for nursing.
Old Navy Maternity Open-Front Drapey Cardigan $15

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Investment Pieces That Will Make You Feel Fashionable

When a special occasion arises you will want something beyond basic. Also, the special occasion could simply be the baby slept in so, you had time to wash your hair that morning. Thus, you just might put together an instagrammable #ootd! These pieces (in no particular order) don’t scream nursing clothes and could turn into some of your wardrobe staples. It’s worth the splurge.

Cream Margot Dress by Allette
$158 (on Sale)

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Pebble Esther Top by Allette
$118 (on Sale)

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Smart Breastfeeding Shirt by VivalaMamaBerlin

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MAMA Nursing Dress by H&M

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Evie De Fraise Aurianels Nursing Top by a Pea in the Pod

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Lift Up Rib Knit Nursing Top by a Pea in the Pod

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Comfort, Washability & Irritants

For all practical purposes, some aspects to keep in mind are comfort, washability and irritants such as scratchy, synthetic fabrics with hardware like zippers, jewels or studs, and enjoy this precious time with your baby now that you are prepared instead of crying about having nothing to wear.

Jenée Naquin, Author (& Unapologetic Fashionista)

Jenée Naquin is a Fashion Brand Builder, an Adventure Seeker and now, Mother. She resides in Brooklyn with her husband and toddler creating fashion brands and attending family yoga. Growing up in a small Cajun town, making it in New York and figuring out how to raise a healthy interfaith family takes a lot of “Jenée Sais Quoi” which she pens on her personal blog,, and photo documents on Instagram.

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