The New Mom's Guide to Staying Sane

The New Mom's Guide to Staying Sane

Sep 01 2017 0 Comments Carey's Musings

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Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw was recently recommended by an awesome Mommy Blogger as a #1 must have for new moms. We absolutely agree! 

But it got me thinking of my own list of tips as a first time mom. Read on for my thoughts and I’d love to hear your ideas as well!

I love reading about the creative hacks and tips that are available all over the interwebs. There are some seriously ingenious parents out there! So, I have given this a lot of thought and here are my 4 tips for first time moms (note these are things I SO WISH I HAD KNOWN BEFORE BECOMING A PARENT):

  1. Me Time. That’s a joke, right? Nope, it’s not. Yes, you will be the busiest and most overwhelmed you of your life so far but trust me, your mental health, sanity and overall wellness depend on you taking some time for yourself. Even if it means leaving some dishes in the sink and going for a short walk, you will return with a renewed sense of well being. So finish reading this blog, get out there and do something nice for yourself.

  2. Accept Help. Everyone wants to help a new mom but we are so accustomed to refusing these offers. Why are we conditioned this way? One of the best pieces of advice I received at my baby shower was this - when people offer help, accept it. This means allowing others to wash dirty baby bottles, pick up groceries or drop off a meal. People truly want to help new parents. Be gracious and allow it.

  3. Be in the Photos. I know I certainly didn’t feel my prettiest after my daughter was born but those pictures of us together mean more than anything when I look back at that time in my life. So often mom is the one behind the camera. Take time to grab that new baby and let someone else capture your beautiful motherhood (messy hair, no makeup, whatever) in that glorious moment - not just the staged, professional ones but the everyday moments that make up your life.

  4. Remember to Breathe. I know it is a well-worn cliche but that first year of motherhood really does fly by. I remember anxiously awaiting each milestone (turning over, smiling, sitting up, etc.) and realize now that I forgot to savor each second. I am taking time to remember to breathe and enjoy the little moments during year two.

So, while I agree that an awesome hands-free pumping bra is a new mom essential, I also wanted to share my lessons learned and tips for making the most of your new motherhood. I learned this the hard way and am practicing what I preach during year two. You got this, mama!

We welcome your feedback and would love to know how we can continue to improve our hands-free pumping bra designs and make your "mom life" easier.

Carey Bradshaw, Author (& Nursing Aficionado)

Carey Bradshaw is a working mom just trying to balance it all. She runs Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw and Creative Butter. In her (scant) free time, besides perfecting her hands-free pumping bras, she loves yoga, reading, volunteering with All for Animals, and just being outside in the sunshine. Carey lives in Santa Barbara with her husband and business partner, George, their volunteer therapy dog, Buttercup, and their rambunctious and lovable toddler.

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