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4 Strategies for Parenting a Threenager

Mar 15 2019 0 Comments

The infamous threenager stage can be defined as 3 going on 13. A stubborn attitude is putting it kindly. The threenager has discovered newfound independence and wants what she wants when and exactly how she wants it. Don’t you dare try to put the milk in the red cup when she clearly (though not verbally) wanted the blue one. I am working on my mind reading skills as I type this. It’s a really good thing she is cute. As I never write about challenges without offering solutions, here are my 4 strategies for dealing with threenager behavior.


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Running to Stand Still

Feb 26 2019 0 Comments

Show of hands – who out there is exhausted? My hand is raised high and I am not afraid to write about it. Last weekend an acquaintance at a party dismissed me by saying “but it’s easy for you.” I was stunned. If I am making this life look easy then I am doing a disservice to women everywhere. I am here to tell you that it takes A LOT of hard work to make this crazy life look remotely manageable.

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The Big Trip (Next Door)

Feb 15 2019 0 Comments

A little backstory…My three-year-old has a neighborhood bestie. We will call her “M” for the purposes of this story. They are the same age and have the same interests (dress-up, sidewalk chalk and eating snacks at each other’s houses). It is ADORABLE. I love these two girls and love that they are growing up on for the epic tale of the return of the Belle costume and to understand why it takes us 45 minutes to walk 15 feet.

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5 Tips for Travel with Toddler

Sep 30 2018 0 Comments

We’ve done quite a bit of travel with our daughter since she was born. Nothing too crazy yet (hello, Thailand!) but plenty of cross country flights and long road trips. We’re lucky that she is great at entertaining herself but, as we are practicing screen-free parenting, we can’t rely on the iPad to fill in the gaps. So, here are my tips, hacks, suggestions…whatever you want to call them, to ensure a (fairly) smooth travel-with-toddler experience.

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Acting My Age

Sep 15 2018 0 Comments

In my mind I am still 23 years old and not really all that mature. In reality I am hovering around the 40-year-range. Yet sometimes I wonder who I am and how the heck did I get here so quickly. I mean, I’m still only 23 on the inside, right?

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