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Carey Bradshaw Original
Hands-Free Pumping Bra With a Soft Post-Pregnancy Belly Cover

Covers Your Stomach
Introducing the c-section-friendly Carey Bradshaw Original with no straps or underwires, and a tummy concealing skirt for maximum modesty while pumping your breastmilk. The reinforced openings hold your flanges snugly in place, and the whimsical pink belly cover lets everybody know that you are a superhero.

Reduces Milk Spillage
Insert and remove your flanges with no mess.

Removes Breastmilk Easier
The elastic-strengthened openings keep breast pump flanges in place while providing gentle compression during milk expression.

Securely Holds Bottles
Our fold-over pocket elastic-trimmed support system is designed to hold your breast shields and flanges securely in place.

Works With All Breast Pump Brands
Brand-exclusive reinforced openings provide a snug fit for maternity breast pump brands including Ameda, Ardo, AVENT, Evenflo, Hygeia, Lansinoh, Medela, Spectra and more.

Easy To Use
The easy-to-use pull-on style lets busy moms breast-pump on the fly.

Has The Right Amount Of Stretch
Whether worn as a layer or on its own, the cropped Carey Bradshaw Jug Band's curve-hugging four-way stretch cotton Lycra covers all of your crucial parts.

Washable & Wearable
Our breathable cotton-blend material is machine washable and very soft.

Comes In 3 Sizes
• Small, Medium and Large
• Fits sizes 30A to 42C

Not An Import
Our Original is not a drop-shipping product like so many on the maternity bra market. Carey personally designed the bra here in Santa Barbara with the help if a local seamstress. It is 100% made in California.

More Details
• No uncomfortable underwires impede milk production
• No itchy Velcro to scratch your baby
• No zippers to pinch your skin
• No complicated hook and eye closures to deal with
• Comes in White With Pink Trim
• Made in Santa Barbara, CA, USA


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