Q&A With Co-Founders

Hooter Holster Co-Founders Carey & George Bradshaw

About Co-Founders Carey & George Bradshaw

Carey and George Bradshaw co-founded Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw together. They are partners in both their personal lives and their business lives. A candid question-and-answer interview with them reveals what it is like to co-mingle their business lives and romantic lives under one roof.

Q: Do the "business" and "romance" sides of your relationship mix well?
A: Our business relationship and our romantic relationship mix well together, overall, but having a workspace and a living space that are both under one roof can create obstacles. Each relationship occasionally interferes with the other relationship at inopportune times.

Q: What were your initial thoughts on working together and has it changed?
A: We did not set out to be business partners but, after losing our corporate jobs in Human Resources and marketing, respectively, within the same week, we decided to try knitting our romantic and professional lives together. It's nice to be with your best friend 24/7.

Q: Would you share a challenging situation that you have overcome as partners?
A: On 9/11, we lost our home in NYC, which was situated two blocks from The World Trade Center. After helping one another recoup from the physical, emotional and financial devastation, we knew that no obstacle was too great for us to surmount together.

Q: What is the main goal that you have set together?
A: Founding a mom-and-pop shop that designs its own maternity bras means taking on some behemoth corporations with long reach and deep pockets. Our daily goal is to be "genuinely tremendous and tremendously genuine" so that we will eventually get noticed.