About Us

As a cancer survivor, and someone who struggled with infertility, Carey Bradshaw knows about adversity. When her healthy baby was finally born, after four heartbreaking miscarriages, one of them twins, Carey and her husband, George, were overjoyed. But, as beautiful and perfect and delightful as their baby was, she would not latch well. Carey desperately wanted to give her baby the gift of all the nutrients her body was making, so she began the laborious task of pumping. Carey soon learned that an exclusive pumper ends up attached to a breast pump for approximately six hours per day. As a working mom, Carey needed all the tools available to make this process as easy as possible.

Carey and George went on a hunt for the perfect hands-free pumping bra. They bought nearly every major nursing and pumping bra on the market in a futile attempt to make Carey’s six hours of daily milk expression comfortable and more productive. Many of the purchased bras lacked proper support for Carey’s body, which had changed during pregnancy and again postpartum. Many were made with hard pieces of metal and plastic that cut painfully into Carey’s skin. Several had ridiculous big zippers in the front, which were incredibly painful when paired with engorged breasts. Many failed to hold her breast-flanges in place securely, so she unnecessarily spilled her liquid gold breast milk. Many were just plain gosh-darn ugly and all were uncomfortable.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, or accept the status quo, Carey decided to design her own hands-free pumping bra. With the help of a talented local seamstress and fellow mom, she got to work. Behind the scenes, George built their supermom-styled brand based on their cool new brand name: Hooter Holster By Carey Bradshaw.

Six years later, they have produced three completely unique nursing and hands-free pumping bras, as well as sourced a special one just for plus-sized women. Their bras have a brand-exclusive flange opening that holds bottles in place securely, so that moms can free up their hands to do other things. They are made from a super soft and stretchy cotton Lycra blend that breathes wonderfully, and also conforms to your body shape as it changes. And, best if all, they do not under any circumstances have any hard or painful parts! Carey has created the nursing and hands-free pumping bras that she wishes she had when she was a breastfeeding mama.