Breastfeeding Bra Benefits

Let’s face it, pumping breast milk isn’t always a picnic, but a nursing and/or pumping bra from Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw can make it a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable. Learn more.

Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw Super Bra Benefits Call-Outs

Dual Layer Design to Pump or Nurse

Dual Layer Design for Nursing AND Hands Free Pumping**

The Carey Bradshaw Super Bra is designed for two functions: nursing and/or hands-free pumping. Our dual layer design allows you to pump on both sides at once or pump on one side while comfortably and easily breastfeeding on the other. The possibilities are endless, mama! (**Only on Super Bra styles.)

Four Adjustable Straps Customize Fit

Four Fully Adjustable Straps**

The Carey Bradshaw Super Bra has a double strap crossover in the back for added support – both for your front and your back. All four straps are wide for comfort and are fully adjustable to ensure that you get the perfect fit for YOUR body – even as it changes during your postpartum journey. (**Only on Super Bra styles.)

Reinforced Flange Openings Support Bottles

Reinforced Flange Openings To Gently Support Shields

One of the many reasons we love Carey's pumping bra designs is because of the soft fold-over elastic that keeps everything comfortably in place while still allowing for freedom of movement.

This comfortable elastic is used to create openings over the nipples to ensure that the breast pump flanges/shields can be easily inserted and removed while staying firmly in place during pumping. The design also allows for complete nipple coverage when not pumping, enabling you to wear our breast pump bras around the house…or even on-the-go.

Easy Breast Access For Nursing

Easy Breast Access For Nursing Your Baby**

The Carey Bradshaw Super Bra dual layer design provides quick and easy access to a breast when your baby is hungry. Simply pull aside both layers #1 and #2 for comfortable breastfeeding access. (**Only on Super Bra styles.) Like all of our bras, the material we use is so soft that it won't irritate baby's cheeks.

Stretch Material Stretches to Fit

Super Soft Stretch Material Fits ALL Sizes

Not every body is shaped the same way. Whatever your size, we’ve got you covered.

Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw pumping bras come in three sizes for our Jug Band and Original Styles (S/M/L) and five sizes for our Super Bra (XS, S, M, L, XL), and are made out of four-way stretch cotton Lycra, which helps moms to stay cool and comfortable (hello, hormones?) while pumping. The fitted material aids in gentle compression to increase milk flow, making pumping easier. Carey’s bras keep their shape through all of your pumps, and the soft fabric won’t irritate your skin, which is a great perk for any breastfeeding mom.

Tube Top Design Slips On/Off Easily

Slips On/Off Easily

Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw's Jug Band and Original hands-free pumping bras are the ONLY pumping bras that slip on and off with no zippers, straps, snaps or scratchy Velcro.***

Simply pull your Jug Band or Original pumping bra down over your head. Carey pumped exclusively (while working full time) and designed her pumping bras for maximum ease and comfort. (***Only on Jug Band and Original styles.)

Peplum Bottom Masks Your Midriff

Tummy Cover Masks Your Midriff*

Carey designed her Original pumping bra to have a cute peplum bottom that discreetly hides any post-pregnancy belly, which is great for ALL, but especially good for C-section mamas.

The material is flowy, forgiving, pretty and keeps you covered while wearing your Carey Bradshaw Original around the house…or out and about if you so choose. Just throw on your superhero cape. We dare you! (*Only on Original styles.)