Breastfeeding Bra Size Chart

You may have stretch marks, stitches, hemorrhoids and baby puke on your shoulder, but you are still AWESOME!
~ XOXO, Carey

Size Chart For Nursing & Pumping Bras
  • Want to know how to find a pumping bra that is the correct size?
    First, make sure to consider your pre-pregnancy bra size when purchasing a hands-free pumping bra, bustier or tube top. Remember that your breast size will fluctuate between 3rd and 4th trimester (and beyond). Then, consult our Size Chart on this page.
  • Wondering how many sizes Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw offers?
    We offer three sizes in the Jug Band and Original (small, medium and large), and five sizes in the Super Bra (extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large).
  • What if you are plus sized?
    If you are a plus sized mama, our size extra-large in the Super Bra may be a great option for you. Remember, our four-way stretch cotton and Lycra blend is extremely forgiving.
  • What if you are skinny and small-breasted?
    If you are on the skinnier side, and an A-cup, our size extra-small in the Super Bra should work for you. Our bras fit quite snugly due to the stretchy material we use and should adhere to your shape.
  • What if you are in between sizes?
    If you are bigger than a small, and smaller than a large, try our size medium. It’s our most popular size.
  • What if you have very large breasts?
    Pumping Bras for large breasts can be difficult to find. When designing our products, we work with mannequins and models of all shapes and sizes to ensure potential comfort, breathability and freedom of movement. Try our extra-large in the Super Bra, but keep the packaging intact, so you can return it if it does not fit.
  • What if you don’t see a bra that will work for you?
    If you do not see a bra that will work with your body shape, please email us. We’re always looking for ideas for new designs.

Lastly, please note that our size chart is meant to be a guide. We suggest erring on the side of smaller versus bigger as you want the fit to be fairly snug. Also, remember that your breast size will decrease post-partum. Carey is always happy to answer questions about sizing. You can chat with Carey directly from this website.