Carey Bradshaw used her breast pump exclusively (six hours a day!) and knows what makes pumping easy and efficient. Her journey is your journey. Read her story.

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Hi! I’m Carey Bradshaw (no, not THAT Carrie Bradshaw) and among all the other things I do (entrepreneur, business owner, wife, daughter, sister, volunteer, friend), I’m a mom.

When my daughter was born, I had trouble breastfeeding. First of all, let me say that I think formula is fine. It was my choice to try to give my daughter breast milk for as long as I was able. In order to do this, I found that I needed to spend a LOT of time attached to my breast pump. I was happy to do it but needed to find a way to free my hands so I could play with my baby and run my business.

I bought a hands-free pumping bra and found it to be ugly, uncomfortable and challenging to use. The openings for the breast shields/flanges were fashioned in a way that caused pinching and spillage every time I tried to insert or remove the breast shields. There was so much work involved to correctly size it to my body (Velcro, snaps, zippers, straps, etc. – I mean, who puts a zipper in the front when dealing with engorged breasts!) and it took too much effort to put it on correctly each time I needed to pump. The design was not comfortable, practical or attractive in any way. What’s a mother to do? I took matters into my own hands and fashioned my own. Thus was born the Hooter Holster Hands-Free Breast Pumping Tube Top! Wow! That’s a mouthful. How about…simply…Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw?

Let’s face it, there’s nothing fun about using a breast pump but it doesn’t have to be all bad. Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw is the BEST bra for hands-free pumping available and it is also cute, comfortable and convenient. This pumping bra can be easily used with any major breast pump flange or shield – including Ameda and Medela Breast Pumps. Along with your breast pump, Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw is a pumping essential!

Carey Bradshaw