Breastfeeding Bra Testimonials

Doctors and nurses agree Carey Bradshaw's hands-free pumping bras are “A Breast Pumping Essential” and "The Best Bras for Breast Pumps." See what else they say.

Hooter Holster Carey Bradshaw Pumping Bras Brian Fletcher Testimonial

“My Favorite Breast Pump Accessory”

“When I am asked for tips to make nursing easier, I recommend 'Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw' to all of my patients who use a breast pump. The stretch fabric provides moderate compression, and is breathable and comfortable. This is my favorite breast pump accessory.”

Dr. Brian T. Fletcher, MD
Huntington Memorial Hospital

Hooter Holster Carey Bradshaw Pumping Bras Nichole Marshall Testimonial

“A Breast Pumping Essential”

I recommend Carey’s breastfeeding bras to all of my patients. They free up your hands without any of the itchy and scratchy Velcro found in other brand name maternity bras. They are also cute as a button and slip on and off effortlessly. Carey’s bras are a breast pumping essential.”

Nicole Marshall, MA, IVF Nurse
Santa Barbara Fertility Center

best bras for breast pumps

"The Best Bras for Breast Pumps"

“Carey’s bras are the best bras for breast pumps. As a nurse, I like that they hold breast pump shields firmly in place. As a woman, I like l that they are cute and fun to wear. I recommend them to all moms who pump and for anyone who needs to find a great gift for a new mom.”

Meredith Taylor, RN, BSN
Travel Nursing