Milk Maid

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Carey Bradshaw Milk Maid
Manual Breast Pump and Milk Saver Bottle Made Out of Food Grade Silicone

Soft, Comfortable & Safe
Introducing the Carey Bradshaw Milk Maid™ manual milk-saver bottle with suction base. Simply put, the Milk Maid breast-pump is amazing: extremely soft, comfortable and safe. It’s one of our favorite breast-pumping accessories.

Collect Every Drop Of Milk
Just place the Milk Maid’s opening over your nipple (after you have sterilized it). Ensure the bottle is comfortable and secure, and squeeze the base of the bottle to help stimulate suction. The breast-pump will draw out your breast milk. Once your milk begins to flow, simply leave the pump to work its magic. The Milk Maid’s silicone lid is leak-proof. This prevents spillage, and seals your pump to keep it clean and hygienic.

Lightweight & Portable
There is no assembly required. It is non-electric.

100% Soft Food Grade Silicone Material
The Milk Maid is made from 100% high quality food grade silicone, which is BPA and PVC free, and is very soft and flexible.

• Easy to clean
• Dishwasher safe
• BPA and PVC free
• Non-Electric
• Manufactured responsibly in China
• Will fit all Hooter Holster by Carey Bradshaw pumping bras
• Size: 5 oz


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