The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party

Apr 16 2019 0 Comments Carey's Musings

My daughter is turning four. I cannot believe I will soon have a four-year-old. It’s true what they all say, the days are long but the years are short. I have no idea how the time sped by. It feels like just yesterday I was wedging her chunky little legs into her Bumbo seat to help her sit up while steaming and pureeing all of her organic baby food from scratch. (Yeah, I was THAT first-time mom). Those days are over and I am coming to terms with the fact that my baby is now a little girl.

Like many other little girls, she is obsessed with Frozen. (Seriously, how do you do it, Disney?) Anyone else out there know what I am talking about? Obsessed. She wears her “Elsa” costume and insists on being addressed as “Elsa.” She sings “Let It Go” with passion, gusto and mostly the wrong words. She “ice skates” in her socks across the hardwood floors. It’s adorable. Of course, when I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted to have, her answer was obvious. Duh, mom.

So, now I find myself planning a “Frozen” – themed princess party. What started small has quickly grown to be…well…not so small. She is a social kid and her enthusiasm about this party is contagious. Also, her enthusiasm keeps that guest list growing as she invites everyone to her party. My formerly small party in our backyard now includes at least 50 guests.

Apparently, this is also now a costume party as I overheard her excitedly telling her Nana over Facetime that everyone would be wearing costumes. A few quick edits to the invite and now we have a Frozen-themed birthday party with bouncy castle AND costumes. Did I mention there will also be a Frozen – themed photo backdrop area with props (thanks, Leah!). Somewhere along the way I went from small, family-only celebrations to much bigger events. I am not sorry as anyone who knows me knows how much I love to entertain. But part of me misses the sweetness and intimacy of those small events. I guess I am feeling a little nostalgic for my baby as she grows into a little girl with her own (very specific) ideas.

Wish me luck, all, as I host what I hope will be the best darn Frozen – themed event of the four-year-old birthday party season. If you need me, I will be over here stuffing goodie bags…The #momlife glamour is real.


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