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Time to Shut Down the "Mr. Mom" Myth

May 10 2019 0 Comments

I recently took a solo trip. Many people, upon learning I’d be gone for a few days made the (unintentionally thoughtless) comment that my husband would be “Mr. Mom” while I was away. We both promptly shut that down. My husband is an equal parent and can handle the house and our daughter when I am gone. In fact, he welcomes the solo time with our feisty four-year-old and I would have it no other way.

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3 Rainy Day Activities to Save Your Sanity

Apr 30 2019 0 Comments

It has been a particularly rainy season on the Central Coast and there are only so many forts one mom can build. As we are all in this together (and more rain is in the forecast), I wanted to share our top three activities that should get you at least a few hours of dedicated play time for each one.

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The Birthday Party

Apr 16 2019 0 Comments

How does one busy mama end up planning an over-the-top Frozen-themed birthday costume party for a four-year old? Somewhere along the way I went from small, family-only celebrations to much bigger events. Wish me luck, all, as I host what I hope will be the best darn Frozen – themed event of the four-year-old birthday party season. If you need me, I will be over here stuffing goodie bags…The #momlife glamour is real.

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GUEST BLOGGER Mamacita Melissa Ortiz: Sh*t The “Cool” Parents Say

Apr 02 2019 0 Comments Guest Blogger

Do you remember life before baby? Becoming a mother really made me forget what it was like to not know the aisles of Buy Buy Baby by heart, or what it was like to not instinctively pull my pj’s open and shove my boob into a baby’s mouth while only half awake. Don’t get me wrong, I know who I was then, I know who I am now, I’ve in no way lost sight of my identity. But its hard to remember a time when all of these “mommy” things didn’t come as second nature. It’s 100% ingrained in me now.

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4 Strategies for Parenting a Threenager

Mar 15 2019 0 Comments

The infamous threenager stage can be defined as 3 going on 13. A stubborn attitude is putting it kindly. The threenager has discovered newfound independence and wants what she wants when and exactly how she wants it. Don’t you dare try to put the milk in the red cup when she clearly (though not verbally) wanted the blue one. I am working on my mind reading skills as I type this. It’s a really good thing she is cute. As I never write about challenges without offering solutions, here are my 4 strategies for dealing with threenager behavior.


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